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The Compromised Gospel

Scripture has spoken – suffering plays a vital role in the life of a committed follower of Christ. How is it then, that so many professing believers can live lives untainted by suffering and persecution? Could it be that we’ve perpetuated a gospel that doesn’t have room for suffering? Could it be that the Jesus…

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Are there modern day Apostles in the church today?

The Apostolic Church lasted from approximately 30 to 100 A.D., and ended with the death of the Apostle John… …At this point we are pausing awhile in order to focus upon the most important transition point in the history of the church…that which falls between the Apostolic and Post-Apostolic Periods –– and the change that…


Is Jesus Really Sufficient?

We say that Jesus is enough. But, is He really enough? Do we need something else? Something more? If He is all that we had, would we be sustained? Would we be satisfied? I’m afraid the reality is we quickly profess His sufficiency, yet so often our lives expose a great disconnect between what we…

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